EV charging

As increasing numbers of individuals and organisations move their vehicles to electricity, there is a rapidly growing need for the accompanying charging infrastructure.  UK companies of all types and sizes are fitting workplace charging solutions.  This is happening at the same time as more consumers switch to electric vehicles, with employees, suppliers and customers visiting commercial premises, all requiring EV charging points.

At Footprint Zero we work with landlords to install and operate a fully funded EV charging solution that requires no Cap Ex nor Op Ex on the part of the landlord.

NO Cap Ex or Op Ex

Our rapid charger solution incurs NO Cap Ex nor Op Ex on the part of the Landlord, as we offer a fully funded model.

Generate income from day one

Our rapid charger solution generates income from day one, as we share revenues generated by the charger thus earning incremental revenues from a car parking space already on site.

Included on all Car Route Maps

Our chargers are included on all in car route maps and apps such as Zapmap, which means we are literally putting your property on the map.

Driving footfall to your business

Having a Rapid charger at your retail park, leisure centre, hotel, pub or similar will drive footfall and trade as drivers seek to use the time while they wait for the charge to complete.

The rapid chargers we install use only renewable energy making them highly visible proof of an organisation’s commitment to the environment, use of renewable energy and forward thinking approach.

Financing EV solutions

Whilst businesses can make good financial returns via the implementation of EV charging, the initial investment can be a concern for some.  So, for businesses that don’t have the capital, or want all the advantages of EV charging, but prefer to invest their capital in other areas of their organisation, Footprint Zero can help with funding schemes.  Click through to our Project Funding page here.

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