News – January 2021


Tim Purbrick
Posted: 22 January 2021

There are more than 600,000 acres of south facing commercial roofs in Britain. If these roofs had solar panels on them, British business would provide all the electricity required to power Britain. ALL the electricity.

That’s just the south facing roofs. If we put solar panels on the east-west roofs as well, we could be exporting green electricity to Europe!

Today, just 5% of these South facing commercial roofs have solar panels on them. This is a huge opportunity for British business to support the Government’s NetZero 50 target, to secure the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benefits of clean, green, CO2 reducing electricity for a significantly lower cost while creating a reservoir of resilience by having on-site electricity production coupled with batteries.

Solar Panels

All these issues. One simple, solar solution for the sustainable electrification of Britain.

Companies, whether they are owner-occupiers, landlords or tenants, can secure all the benefits offered by solar roofs on their commercial buildings without having to pay for the installation, maintenance or monitoring of the systems through fully funded solar roofs offered by Footprint Zero.

Tim Purbrick is a consultant at Footprint Zero.


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