Roof mounted solar

Whilst roof mounted solar panels have been around for a long time, more and more commercial organisations, from offices, industrial estates, retail parks, factories, hospitals, education and other institutions, are embracing this hugely efficient and cost-effective resource and are installing roof mounted solar at their premises.

It’s simply down to the availability and suitability of your property, which can be easily assessed by Footprint Zero in order to give you a plan and costing to understand where and how you can implement solar.  Importantly, all your occupied and unoccupied buildings on your site can be considered:  offices, factories, warehousing and storage, and there are fantastic environmental and commercial benefits:

Generating cheaper electricity

Solar panels lower your energy demand from the grid in daylight and help your business save money by generating cheaper electricity for use on your site, significantly reducing your annual energy bills.

Enhance your green credentials

Of course, generating your own electricity from solar reduces your carbon output and could offset your organisation’s carbon emissions, which in turn enhances your green CSR and ESG credentials and strengthens your partnerships with customers and key suppliers.

Safeguard your electricity supply

It’s a fact that the national grid struggles to meet the substantial and growing electricity demands of UK industry, so solar is not merely an efficient alternative, it is a constant that can safeguard the supply to your operations.

Financing solar solutions

Whilst businesses can make good financial returns via the implementation of solar energy, the initial investment can be a concern for some.  So, for businesses that don’t have the capital, or want all the advantages of solar, but prefer to invest their capital in other areas of their organisation, Footprint Zero can help with funding schemes.  Click through to our Project Funding page here.

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