Solar carports provide valuable parking lot shade while generating clean energy for reduced utility costs.

If a roof or ground solar installation is not necessarily the right solution for your business, due to insufficient roof space or surplus land, solar panels on carports can be the answer.  Afterall, the space is practically already set for the installation.

Solar carports are essentially roof-mounted solar panels installed above carparks. This form of installation is one of the fastest-growing trends in the commercial solar industry, primarily because the advantages are too good to pass up. Solar carports require no additional land since the solar panel installation occurs on an existing carpark.

Solar carports are increasingly on the agenda of every business, regardless of their size.  There are many benefits of installing solar carports for your business:

Lower your energy bills

With energy costs continuously rising, solar carports can help defend your business against rising utility costs by lowering your energy bills and making them more predictable in the future.

Using your space efficiently

Since there is no additional space needed to install the carport, by turning your carport into an electricity production area, you can use the space around your business more efficiently, whilst saving money.

Make a commitment to your community

Employees and customers are paying close attention to what businesses are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and by installing a solar carport, you are making a commitment to your community and the greener energy cause.

Providing a weather proof protected cover

Installing a solar car port provides the customers who park beneath with a weather proof protected cover, that can be lit at night providing extra security and comfort around use of the site.

Financing solar solutions

Whilst businesses can make good financial returns via the implementation of solar energy, the initial investment can be a concern for some.  So, for businesses that don’t have the capital, or want all the advantages of solar, but prefer to invest their capital in other areas of their organisation, Footprint Zero can help with funding schemes.  Click through to our Project Funding page here.

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